Barlborough Hall

Barlborough Hall was built in 1584 by Sir Francis Rodes.  Robert Smythson is reported as being the architect.  Smythson also built Gawthorpe Hall and Heath Hall; you will see the similarities in the pictures below:

Gawthorpe Hall

Heath Hall

Francis Rodes also built Hickleton Hall c1580 and Great Houghton Hall near Barnsley.  The Judge was born at Staveley Woodthorpe where he lived with his wives, Elizabeth Sandford (1st wife) and Mary Charleton (2nd wife).  He died there in 1589, never having lived at Barlborough Hall.

Fireplace of Francis Rodes and Elizabeth Sandford his 1st wife.

Fireplace of Francis Rodes and Mary Charleton his 2nd wife.

Barlborough Hall underwent changes in 1696 and 1713 by Sir John Rodes, in 1825 by Cornelius Heathcote Reaston Rodes and in 1858 by William Hatfield de Rodes.

Like Heath Hall one could walk around the Hall as all of the rooms were in a square around an open central court. In 1713 work was carried out on the Eastern aspect having a staircase built which entered into the great chamber.
The main front entrance to the Hall on the South of the building was changed to the Eastern aspect of the Hall in 1825.  The crenellations were also added as well as family crests. A passage was created between the Hall and the servants quarters and the kitchens moved.

Southern Entrance to Barlborough Hall

Eastern Entrance of Barlborough Hall 

In 1858 William Hatfield de Rodes made great alterations to the servants quarters and rebuilt farm outbuildings and stables.

The Hall remained in the Rodes family until 1935 when Sophy Felicite Locker Lampson  ( nee Rodes ) passed away.

Grave of Sophy Felicite Locker Lampson in Barlborough Church Yard

The Hall was purchased by Thomas Jehu Garlick, who already owned and lived at nearby Park Hall in 1935. He sold Barlborough Hall in 1938 to the Jesuits of Mount St Marys - Spinkhill, who still own the Hall today 2011. It has been a Catholic School, and is at present a Private School.

Blessing of Barlborough Hall 1939

Cornelius Heathcote Reaston Rodes and Anna Maria Gossip at Barlborough Hall circa 1835.

Favourite Hunter of William Hatfield De Rodes Painted by John Fernley

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