Barlborough Village History


Barlborough is an ancient village predating the Norman Conquest.  In
Domesday (1086) its name is scored in red, which is thought to donate a
place of some importance.  It has a rich history.  People have lived here
since Saxon times living through invasions, wars, revolutions, and
pestilence.  Their worries were probably the same as ours, a roof over
their heads, food on the table, keeping warm and free from illness and
paying taxes!

Firstly a rural farming community its workers have witnessed the
Industrial Revolution with the development of the railways and canals,
the growth of coal mining, known to have been mined here for over 500
years, now all gone, and the iron and steel industry.

It has been divided by the MI, threatened by being taken into Yorkshire
and parts of it taken into Clowne.  Its idyllic countryside has been
developed and the remaining contours of its countryside changed by
outcropping.  Its parishioners have fought to protect it, sometimes
successfully, sometimes less so.

Barlborough today is a steadily growing village with the motorway
providing easy access to places all over the country.  A new Development
and Housing estate on the Slayley fields has almost doubled the village
and its population.  This may have seemed a tragedy at the time, but from
this new business has provided employment for many local people, and
the increase in population has boosted original local business.

Although Barlborough may be growing, many people are working
together to keep local traditions alive.  Thankfully because of this, future
generations will inherit and hopefully continue the Community Spirit of


One of the earliest recorded mentions of Barlborough, then spelt Barleburh is in the year 1002 in the  Will of an Anglo Saxon nobleman named 'Wulfric Spot'.

An 18th Century stained glass window depicting 'Wulfric Spot'

Evolving Barlborough

Barleburh,  Circa 1002

Barlburg,    1086



Barleburghe,   1154 - 1555




Barlebergh,   1263 - 1330

Barlburgh,     1440,1455,1477

Barlebrough,  1577 - 1601

Barleyborough,  1600,1676

Source - 'Place Names of Derbyshire' by Ken Cameron


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