Barbers Row in Barlborough Parish

           Barbers Row in the background

Built by entrepeneur Fredrick Horatio Miles Barber a local:
Farmer, Coal mine owner, Brickyard owner and Building contractor.

He was born 24th October 1815 at Eckington and died 23rd May 1884 at Speetly Farm, leaving an estate worth £790.14s and 8d.

Barbers Row was built circa 1863 as it is not mentioned in the 1861 census but it is on the 1871 census. The Prince of Wales pub was built at the same time and was probably named when Albert Edward the future King Edward Vll married Princess Alexandra on the 10th March 1863.

  Wedding party outside the Prince of Wales

In 1871 there were 42 houses in two rows with earth toilets behind, these houses were two up two down, no bathroom and only cold water which in the early years was from a well at the back of the houses. The back row of houses only had front doors, no back ones. There was a tin bath hung outside which the residents shared. Many houses had as many as 11 people living in them.

  Barbers Row Football Team 1928-29

Barbers Row was a self contained community, with a general shop at the side of the Prince of Wales (frequently robbed in the late 1800's) a sweet shop at the bottom of the row, a recreation ground and playground. There was several allotments where fruit and vegetables were grown, and livestock was kept i.e pigs and chickens.

Beresfords Family Shop

Most children attended Spinkhill School and many young men and women of the row often married the boy and girl next door.

A Mission Room was built in November of 1920 behind the Prince of Wales pub and was demolished in 1944. The Blacksmiths Arms nicknamed the 'SPRAG' was at the end of Barbers Row accross from the Prince of Wales pub. The nickname came about after the front of the pub collapsed and it was 'spragged' up. Barbers Row was demolished 1969/1970 families were moved to brand new council houses at Ruthyn Avenue, Barlborough. Others had tennancies in neighbouring Clowne District Council.

      Men outside the 'Sprag'
The community spirit of Barbers Row is still very much alive with many ex residents of the row and family members forming a 'Barbers Row History Reminiscence Group'.

Having fun skipping outside the 'Sprag'

    Barbers Row Ladies

There are many more Barbers Row and Low Common photographs to view at the Heritage Centre, including a DVD  'Barbers Row - Gone but not Forgotten',  Billy Lodge ( a well known resident ) is also singing on it . Billy regularly sang in local clubs accompanied by his mother.
The DVD is available at the Heritage Centre priced at £8.00 , ones without Billy Lodge are  £5.00.

You will also now find Barbers Row on " FACEBOOK "

  "Welcome to  Barbers Row" (Come inside and I'll tell you a story)


An illustrated book about life on Barbers Row from 1863 till 1970. True stories and tales , some funny, some sad, put together by actual residents.
 Many local family names are mentioned along with photographs and illustrated pages.

Sequel to our "WELCOME TO BARBERS ROW " book.


Telling stories from the time that Barbers Row was built until it being demolished 1969-1970.



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