Barlborough's Two Lord Mayors of London

The conditions of becoming a Lord Mayor of London, is the ruling that they had to be a member of one of the 'GREAT TWELVE LIVERY COMPANIES'.  Leather Sellers were number 15 on the list and Drapers were number 3.

Sir William Hollyes

- 1471 was the son of William Hollyes of Stoke.

Married - Elizabeth Scopham

Young William began a 10 year apprenticeship to a Mercer / Cloth Merchant named Robert Kervile of London, but after only 7 years he excelled and became Master Warden of the company.
He was the Alderman of Aldgate / London  from 1528 to 1534, becoming Lord Mayor of London in 1539.

Investing his fortune he purchased land in Notts, Lincs, Staffs, Middlesex and Essex.
He purchased 'The Goushill Moiety' of Barlborough from the Stanley family.
It is stated that Sir William Hollyes resided in a Manor House that was situated to the right and behind the Apollo Inn on the Barlborough High Street.  This eventually became apartments and was demolished in C1936.

Barlborough Manor House

Sir William Hollyes died 20th October 1542 and was buried in Barlborough Church yard.  Unfortunately his grave was demolished during the reformation.
(In 1554 Queen Mary possessed herself of the portion in Barlborough and gave it to Dame Anne Stanhope).
The bulk of his estate was left to his Grandson 'William', whose son John became the 1st Earl of Clare at Haughton -  Bothamsall / Nottinghamshire in 1624.

The Hollyes family purchased Haughton Manor from the Stanhopes in the reign of Henry Vlll.
John Hollyes the lVth Earl of Clare married Margaret the 3rd daughter of Henry Cavendish the Duke of Newcastle. By this marriage and family connection John became one of the richest men in the Kingdom and created Duke of Newcastle in 1694.

Haughton Hall circa 1709

Sir Richard Pype

Believed to have lived at the Manor House, High Street, Barlborough

Born - C1515 at Bilston, Wolverhampton

Married - 1st wife - Margaret Moseley, daughter of Nicholas Moseley of Wakelyn, Derbyshire

Married  24th May 1546 - 2nd wife - Elizabeth Luce, daughter of Humphrey Luce

Married 1571 - 3rd wife - Jane (nee Gitton's) widow of Oliver Lovibond.

Sir Richard was a Master Leather seller / Draper

1570 - Richard Pype became Alderman of Bishopgate / London

1571 - Pype purchased the Moiety of Barlborough from Sir Thomas Stanhope

1572 - Became  Sheriff

1578 - Became Lord Mayor of London

1579 - Pype was Knighted before the 11th February

1587 - Sir Richard Pype died 19th September at the age of 72. 
            His memorial stone lays in St James Church,
            Originally his Coat of Arms would have been situated along side the stone.

The Memorial Stone of Sir Richard Pype

'Here lies Sir Richard Pype, a soldier and one time citizen and Lord mayor of London, the sole patron of this church, who died on the 19th September AD:1587 at the age of 72.'

The stone Coat of Arms of the Pype family is now situated at Barlborough Hall in the South West servants wing.

It is noted that in 1745 Gilbert Heathcote Rodes and the Pole sisters financed alterations to the church, however in 1820 Gilbert Heathcote's changes were all undone.
The stone coat of arms was resited to Barlborough Hall in either 1745 or 1820.

N.B:  John Rodes had to pay for the title 'Lord of the Manor of Barlborough' from Humphrey Pype the son of Sir Richard Pype after taking a Chancery Suit out after the death of his father Judge Francis Rodes who died in 1589.

Queen Elizabeth 1st granted the site of 'Wallingwells' Monastery,Nottinghamshire to Richard Pype and his heirs.

Wallingwells Hall

Sir  Richard Pype leased lands for 21 years at:

Kingscarlton (Carlton), Wellome (Welham), Greneley (Gringley), Wayles (Wales), Gildenwells (Gildingwells), Woodcettes (Woodsetts), Todwick (Todwick), Harshill (Harthill), Rawmarshe, Thropham, Brincefuthe and Camsall.


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