The Mysterious Mr. Thomas Jehu Garlick

Mr. Garlick was one of the wealthiest people to live in the Barlborough area between 1930 and his death in 1942, owning 3 Coalmines, Park Hall (purchased in 1921 after being a land agent of the Hall) and Barlborough Hall. Thomas Garlick was born in 1869, the son of Thomas and Eliza who was a carpet manufacturer in Worcester. He was the eldest son of 8 children and married Ellen Ingham in 1894 at Kidderminster, they had 2 children Gerald and Vivian. His son Vivian was a Lieutenant in the Oxford & Berks Light Infantry and was killed in action in Italy on the 15th June 1918.

Unfortunately in 1913 Thomas and Francis Richard Shackleton who was a plantation owner in West Africa were tried and convicted of fraud. Shackleton received 15 months and Thomas Garlick 9 months imprisonment, both with hard labour.

In 1891 at the age of 22 Thomas J. Garlick was a Chartered Accountant at Wallington Croydon and by 1907 was very successful and having his offices in London. It was in 1921 that he purchased Park Hall after being a land agent for the owner. In 1923 Thomas Garlick was living in Surrey and was a Director of Oxcroft Coalmine, in 1933 he was a Director of 3 Collieries:

             Monk Bretton in Barnsley, Oxcroft No.1 at Shuttlewood and Oxcroft No.3 at Barlborough


Thomas Jehu Garlick


Thomas Jehu Garlick and wife at the Methodist School
bricklaying ceremony.

Thomas Garlick in front of the colliery managers house.

Plaque commemorating a tree planting for the Silver Jubilee of
King George V 1935 in Renishaw.


Thomas Garlick  seated, his son Thomas Jehu standing left and grandson Gerald right at Park Hall

Thomas Vivian Timson Garlick the baby in arms.

             This stone is sited on a house on Boughton Lane -Clowne

 Although Thomas owned Park Hall he purchased Barlborough Hall in 1935 from the Locker Lampson family and went on to sell it in 1938 to the Jesuit Priests of Mount St Marys Spinkhill having never lived in the Hall. He died on the 3rd January 1942 and is buried in St James churchyard Barlborough along with his wife Elizabeth Daisy Garlick. We assume that Elizabeth is his second wife as he married and had children with Ellen Ingham.
On the death of Thomas Garlick it was stated in the Newspapers that he would always be remembered for his acts of charity, kindliness and generosity in helping all deserving causes. He always took an active part in the social life of Barlborough.




Gravestone of Thomas Jehu Garlick:

  (alongside his 2nd wife Elizabeth Daisy) in Barlborough, St James Churchyard

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