Just a taste of Barlborough Picture Library


Barlborough Picture Library is a catalogued DVD of hundreds of photographs and information about Barlborough. The photographs were donated to the Centre by a Barlborough resident Mr. Andre Bradley. They were then scanned, categorised and information added at the Centre. The DVD was produced by Limestone Studios, Creswell. All proceeds from the sale of the Picture Library help to secure the future of the Resource Centre.

The picture Library is on sale at the Resource Centre Special Offer just  £9.99.
Here are a small sample of photographs for you to enjoy.


The small white cottage to the right of the picture stood by Blacksmiths yard. The other small cottages have also gone now and the village green and Ruthyn Avenue stand in their place.
Rose cottage is still there but was then called Ivy Cottage.
The Royal Oak pub stands in the background.
Thomsons Stores stood where the Post Office is now, there are vinigar barrels outside of the old store maybe awaiting collection.


This photograph was taken in Widdowsons Quarry Field on Clowne Road.
Do you recognise anyone on the picture?
Maybe you are one of the small children?
There are other photographs on the CD-rom of V.E Day Celebrations, some with refugee children.
Did you know some of the refugee children?
Are you still in touch with them?




This is a photograph of Barlborough Primary School on Ward Lane. Notice the railings in the playground seperating the boys from the girls.
Did you go to Barlborough Primary School?
Do you have fond memories of Barlborough Primary School


If you would like to view the Picture Library please ring or call into the Resource Centre. There is no charge and you can stay as long as you wish.
Copies of photographs on the DVD are available on request.
There is a small charge - A4 White Paper 75p, A4 White Card £1.00 and A4 Photographic paper £2.00. It is possible to put more than one photograph on one sheet of A4.
If you would like to buy a copy of the Picture Library priced at £9.99 please call in or ring the centre on 01246 810100. 


Do you have any fond memories of growing up in Barlborough? we would love to hear them, why not tell us all about them  E-mail barlboroughs.heritage@gmail.com or call us on 01246 810100 and we will enter them onto the Heritage Centre website for all to enjoy. Maybe School day pranks, War time memories anything you like!


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